Country guides

These guides summarise the paper mills and latest forest news in each country. They also show the results of the Forest Risk Assessment which is the basis of our paper analysis in the Grading System.

You can sort the countries by risk.

The paper mills shown in the country guides are only those listed in the Book Chain Project, so it may not be an exhaustive list in each country. Listing in these country guides does not constitute any endorsement from the Book Chain Project. Detailed results of product-specific risk assessments are only available to publishers and print suppliers with access to the secure database.

Name Deforestation Risk Transhipment Risk Labour Rights & H&S Risk Environment Risk
Afghanistan Yes Yes Yes Yes
Algeria Yes No Yes Yes
Argentina Yes No No No
Australia Yes No No Yes
Bangladesh Yes Yes Yes No
Belarus Yes Yes Yes No
Belize Yes Yes Yes No
Bolivia Yes Yes Yes No
Brazil Yes Yes No No
Cambodia Yes Yes Yes No
Cameroon Yes Yes Yes No
Central African Republic Yes No Yes No
China Yes Yes Yes Yes
Colombia Yes No No No
Congo Yes Yes Yes No
Congo (Democratic Republic) Yes Yes Yes No
Ecuador Yes No Yes No
Estonia Yes No No Yes
Eswatini  Yes No Yes Yes
Ghana Yes No Yes No
Guatemala Yes No Yes No
Honduras Yes Yes Yes No
Hungary Yes Yes No No
Indonesia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kenya Yes Yes Yes No
Korea (Democratic People's Republic) Yes No Yes Yes
Lao (People's Democratic Republic) Yes Yes Yes No
Latvia Yes Yes No No
Liberia Yes No Yes No
Lithuania Yes Yes No No
Madagascar Yes No Yes Yes
Malawi Yes Yes Yes No
Malaysia Yes No Yes No
Mexico Yes No Yes Yes
Mongolia Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mozambique Yes Yes Yes Yes
Myanmar  Yes Yes Yes No
Nigeria Yes No Yes No
Pakistan Yes No Yes Yes
Papua New Guinea Yes Yes Yes No
Paraguay Yes Yes Yes No
Peru Yes No Yes Yes
Philippines Yes Yes Yes Yes
Poland Yes Yes No No
Portugal Yes No No Yes
Russia Yes No Yes No
Slovakia Yes Yes No No
South Africa Yes Yes No Yes
Sri Lanka Yes Yes No Yes
Tanzania Yes Yes Yes Yes
Thailand Yes Yes Yes No
Ukraine Yes Yes Yes No
Uruguay Yes No No No
Venezuela Yes No Yes No
Vietnam Yes Yes Yes No
Zambia Yes Yes Yes No
Zimbabwe Yes Yes Yes No
Albania No No No No
American Samoa No No No No
Andorra No No No Yes
Antigua and Barbuda No No No Yes
Armenia No Yes Yes Yes
Austria No No No No
Bahamas No No No Yes
Belgium No No No No
Bosnia and Herzegovina No No Yes No
Bulgaria No No No No
Canada No No No No
Cayman Islands No No No No
Chile No No No Yes
Christmas Island No No No No
Costa Rica No Yes No No
Croatia No No No No
Czech Republic No Yes No No
Denmark No No No No
Egypt No No Yes No
Fiji No No No Yes
Finland No No No No
France  No No No No
Gabon No No Yes No
Germany No No No No
Greece No Yes No Yes
Guyana No No Yes No
Hong Kong No No No No
Iceland No No No No
India No Yes Yes Yes
Iran No Yes Yes Yes
Ireland No No No No
Israel No No No Yes
Italy No No No No
Japan No No No Yes
Kazakhstan No Yes Yes Yes
Korea (Republic)  No Yes No Yes
Luxembourg No No No No
Maldives No No No Yes
Malta No No No Yes
Morocco No No Yes No
Netherlands No No No No
New Zealand No No No No
Norway No No No No
Romania No Yes No No
Rwanda No Yes Yes No
Saudi Arabia No No Yes Yes
Serbia No No No No
Singapore No No No Yes
Slovenia No No No No
Spain No Yes No Yes
Sweden No No No No
Switzerland No No No No
Taiwan No No No No
Turkey No Yes Yes Yes
United Arab Emirates No No No Yes
United Kingdom No No No No
United States No No No No