Mill Environmental Questionnaire Webinar / 纸厂环境调查问卷线上研讨会 Webinar

18 May 2021 15:00–16:30 Beijing

This webinar will cover why sharing information on environmental performance is important to Publishers; what the topics that the EQ (Environmental Questionnaire) asks about are, and how to complete the EQ. You will hear from environmental experts from the Book Chain Project team and senior representatives from participating Publishers. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions. If you would already like to submit a question before the webinar or to cancel the event, please email to

08.00-09.30am London / 12.30-02.00pm Delhi / 03.00-04.30pm Beijing

The EQ is a self-assessment questionnaire you can complete on the online Book Chain Project system. It asks questions to establish your environmental performance, in terms of your policies, management systems, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and wastewater treatment. It allows you to provide information to all Publishers you are already working with or who are interested in working with you in future, by answering a single questionnaire. This should reduce your reporting burden.

Gathering this information from their suppliers is important to Publishers, as they are under constant pressure from customers, investors, NGOs and their employees to reduce their contribution to the important issues of climate change and water stress. Many have set targets to improve the environmental footprint of their supply chain, which in most cases is much larger than their own operational footprint.

Various resources related to the EQ are already available, and we recommend you go through these before the webinar:




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