Our reports, documents and tools share what we have learnt about better book supply chains.


The Future of the Printed Book Report

In the face of rapidly changing reading habits what does the future hold for printed books? Will they still be around in ten years? And if so, how might they be made?


Still Feeling Stumped? Report

Since March 2013 businesses across Europe have been responding to the EU Timber Regulation; a law prohibiting illegal timber from appearing on the European market. We wanted to gauge the feeling across the retail and manufacturing sectors so, eight months on from the law’s introduction, we conducted a short survey to understand how companies were facing the new requirements. We presented the findings to the Chatham House Illegal Logging Update in February 2014. The results are summarised in our report Still Feeling Stumped?

Code Of Conduct

Supplier Code Of Conduct Document

The Book Chain Project provides a publishing industry Code of Conduct for labour and environmental standards. It states the publishers’ commitments to their suppliers and what they expect from their suppliers in return. The Code of Conduct is based on existing internationally-recognized Codes and Laws. Suppliers that do not already have an ethical audit can ask for a SMETA audit that is audited against this Code of Conduct.


Plastics - Guidebook For Publishers (Sample) Document

In keeping with the aims of the Book Chain Project, we’ve produced this guide to help our publishers make informed decisions around the design, purchasing and production of their books, magazines and journals. It shares an overview of the situation today, looks at some of the common misconceptions, charts the new developments in this area, and presents good practice from other sectors.

The full report is available to the publishers who participate in the chemical safety element of the Book Chain Project.

Country Forest Risk Assessment

Forest Country Risk Tool

The tool belongs to Carnstone but is freely available to download and use. Please do credit Carnstone Partners Ltd if you reproduce the results or methodology of the tool.

Find out more about how we use the tool to assess forest risk.

Country Guides

Country Guides Tool

These guides summarise the paper mills and latest forest news in each country. They also show the results of the Forest Risk Assessment which is the basis of our paper analysis in the Grading System.