Book Chain Project Environment Report 2020-21

29 Nov 2022

This is the first report of its kind, providing aggregated information about the publishing industry’s environmental performance. This includes location-based GHG emission intensity factors, at country, regional and continental level.

The report has been informed by data collected through mill and supplier Environmental Questionnaires and covers a range of environmental topics, from GHG emissions and energy intensity to water and waste management. The report is full of useful information, and we’d like to highlight a few key points of interest:

  • The report contains GHG intensity factors that publishers can use to calculate their Scope 3 emissions from paper or print, if site-specific emissions data doesn’t exist; and mills and suppliers can use to benchmark their own GHG intensity against those of their peers;
  • Information about energy use (energy intensity, fuel mix, share of renewables and energy efficiency case studies) helps readers understand how energy use differs across countries and regions, and what steps mills and suppliers are taking to reduce energy use and switch to renewable energy;
  • Information about water use and wastewater treatment (water intensity, measures to reduce water consumption, and reduction targets) helps readers understand the steps mills and suppliers are taking to reduce water consumption and improve wastewater treatment;
  • The report contains case studies throughout, which can help inspire mills and suppliers about potential ways they can further reduce their impacts on the planet.

*The calculations on page 6 of this report were updated on 07/12/22 *